JTurtle Infodump

Hey howdy, i go by the alias "JTurtle" everywhere but you can call me Jei.

I'm one of those weird animal people on the internet. I do things with computers. Like using Arch Linux (sorry), and writing code in whatever obscure systems language is my favorite this week (still Zig but i'm trying so hard to like Hare).


My name is Jay. Or Jei, or Джей... as long as it's pronounced like /dʒeɪ/. Getting silly with it is highly encouraged.

Pronouns and such

Pronouns in english are they/them/their/theirs. I won't be mad if you assume another set, just disappointed.

It's completely OK to call me "guy", "dude", "bro", etc. I consider them gender neutral (not everyone does, be considerate).

Don't call me by "sir", "ma'am", "mister", or "miss". Prefer "comrade", if you really need a title.

Other languages

For other languages, use the appropriate "neutral animate singular" form in all cases. If that form is rare or controversial, only use it if you want to. Fall back to whichever form is default for ambiguous cases.

Specific examples: